Bridesmaid drama

Usually, when you hear of bridesmaid drama, it tends to involve the bride being too high maintenance and demanding, also known as a “bridezilla,” and the bridesmaids not being a huge fan of this and expressing frustration. In this version of bridesmaid drama, it’s the bridesmaids being passive aggressive with each other to the point where absolutely nothing is getting done.

My friend just found a great place where we were supposed to stay for our weekend away in September, and we all loved it. Supposedly, another bridesmaid never confirmed that she was in agreement with the place and the price, so of course, given that it’s Labor Day weekend, the place got booked on AirBnB by someone else. It’s gone now. And I was really frustrated. How difficult could it possibly be to respond in a timely manner to an email about a time-sensitive booking?

One bridesmaid is too passive aggressive and doesn’t stand up for herself enough and getting stuff done. The other is lackadaisical and doesn’t see a reason for setting timelines and deadlines. In other words, no one is being proactive to get anything done.

I’ve explicitly told them all that I want to hear no more complaining about each other and nothing about planning until everything is finalized, and I can finally hear some good news for once. I don’t think I should have to be involved in all this when this is their responsibility.


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