Visiting friend

Tonight, I had dinner with a college friend and her colleague, who are both in town for a work project for the next few days. I hadn’t seen her since last April, when I was in Phoenix with Chris and my parents to see the Grand Canyon. Then, she was supposedly happily married and planning to have a child. Today, she is divorced, single, and happier than ever.

It’s crazy how time flies. It really doesn’t feel like a year ago since I last saw her, and it’s hard to believe that in the time that has passed, she decided to not have a child, leave her husband, and get a new job. So many changes can happen in such a short time frame, and it’s hard to keep up with the why’s and how’s of the decisions that everyone in your life makes. I know in a nutshell what led to the dissolution of her marriage, but I’ll probably never get the opportunity to hear all the details. I guess that’s not a bad thing because maybe I don’t really want to know or shouldn’t really know. But then that makes me wonder: how do you really determine what you should know or should not know, and how do you draw the line, and with what people? You don’t want to seem like you are intruding or trying to invade someone’s privacy. As though it helps me at all personally to know the most intimate details, and I’m not going to be broadcasting it everywhere anytime soon. Why we are friends with people isn’t always as simple as people think it is.

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