Passion fruit Chobani

For the longest time for breakfast in the last two years during the weekdays, I was primarily eating fruit. Most of the time, it was grapefruit or an orange, and other times a banana. I realized I couldn’t eat a grapefruit every morning for breakfast after I started getting tooth sensitivity in the back of my mouth. It’s sad when you think you are doing good things for yourself, and then you realize that these “good things” are actually causing other parts of you (your teeth!) harm by using their evil little acids to eat away at your tooth enamel.

I started deliberately incorporating protein into my breakfast recently after being told by a trainer that I’m not getting enough, so occasionally, I will have yogurt or oatmeal on work day breakfasts now. And this week, I discovered the joy that is Chobani 2 percent Greek yogurt with passion fruit on the bottom. I’ve never, ever seen real passion fruit in yogurt before, so this was (sadly) a huge highlight of my work day. And it didn’t taste artificial at all; it tasted pure and sweet and slightly sour the way it should. It even had the passion fruit seeds in it. I proceeded to hide the one remaining passion fruit yogurt cup in the fridge and then ask our office manager to buy more for future weeks.

Sometimes, it’s the little things during the work day that make things all better.

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