The world is becoming salad crazy, and because of the obsession for salads and the facade of “healthy eating,” salads are not really a cheap thing to get for lunch or as a dinner side anymore. Depending on where you are buying your lunch, your salad could cost anywhere from seven to twenty five dollars. It sounds kind of ridiculous, but knowing the time it takes to make a really good, well-thought out salad that I actually look forward to eating, I can see why restaurants and businesses think they should be able to charge this much for these items.

Tonight before our show in the theater district, Chris and I went to have dinner at a place in the area, and he was really disappointed in the salad I ordered us. It was a chopped escarole salad with ricotta insalata, pistachios, and a pickled jalapeno vinaigrette, which I was really excited to try since I’ve never had pickled jalapenos, nor had I ever had a vinaigrette that was spicy in a salad before. I really liked the taste of the vinaigrette and the combination of flavors, along with the different types of richness from the cheese and the roasted pistachios, but I did agree that $11 seemed a bit steep for the chopped lettuce we got, as well as the portion. We rarely order salads when dining out, and trying this one out and seeing that it wasn’t fully worth it, we probably won’t be ordering another one again. But at least now I have the idea to replicate this salad on my own at home for far cheaper. 🙂

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