Green smoothie

I’ve been experimenting with different recipes and methods of cooking in the last few weeks to not only make more use of the new and shiny slow cooker I bought, but also to incorporate more ways of eating beans, legumes, seeds, and other non-meat forms of protein, especially after a trainer at the gym hinted that I probably need more protein in my diet given what I’m trying to achieve (how often does an American get told s/he needs more protein?!). I also wanted to have more smoothies for breakfast, so after adding in chia seeds for protein, I’ve also been putting in spinach to make my smoothies green. You can’t have too many vegetables in your diet.

Chris didn’t seem to appreciate this idea. When he came back from his trip to Austin for South by Southwest, I had a glass of just blended green smoothie on the counter waiting for him. In it was a mix of orange-peach juice, coconut water, a couple frozen pineapple chunks, pear, tangerines, chia seeds, spinach, and ice. The dominant flavor of the smoothie by far was orange/citrus/pineapple. You can’t taste the spinach at all. But he didn’t seem to agree with me. After one sip, he said he couldn’t have anymore and that this was “too healthy.” He happily ate the pureed black bean soup I made, though.

Well, here’s to trying to convert him. 🙂 My green smoothie post was clearly popular on Instagram, as I think it’s one of my top liked posts ever.

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