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After three years of having first level status on two different airlines, I was tired of just having the equivalent of “silver” or “gold” status. I wanted platinum status on airlines. I was sick of always going to the airport and knowing I’d only get lounge access because of Chris’s Qantas club membership or because of his oneworld sapphire status. And then this past year, from both work and fun travel, I gained my own platinum status. And my platinum status card arrived in the mail today! I’d finally get into lounges in my own right!

Wrong. The pamphlet that accompanied my platinum card said I would get oneworld partner airline access — only if flying abroad on either American Airlines or partner airlines. And unfortunately, Canada, Mexico, Bermuda, and anywhere in the Caribbean do not count as “international” destinations. When I am flying my cross country flights from New York City to San Francisco, I will get no lounge access. When I take flights for work to Atlanta or Fort Lauderdale, no lounge access for me.

I called an AA Platinum representative and lectured her about how little logic there was in granting American Airlines platinum members access to partner lounges on international flights but no lounge access too American Airline platinum members on domestic flights. The domestic flights will be the majority of the flights I will be taking — I live in this country, and that’s why I’m loyal to this domestic airline! Why can’t you people understand this? She gave a sympathetic sigh and said there was nothing she could do since it also didn’t make much sense to her, but she couldn’t change or make the rules. And then she asked if I wanted to purchase lounge access for $450 this year (discounted from $500 for non-status members) or pay 65,000 miles.

They are getting no more of my money. They get enough as is.

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