I’ve had a greasy head my whole life. If I don’t wash my hair for a day, the next day, anyone could tell that my hair was not clean because of that gross “wet” look it gets. I used to get away with it sometimes just by tying up my hair, but now that I work and oftentimes have to meet clients and other external contacts, that “look” isn’t really what I want to go for. And now, it doesn’t help that I go to the gym four days in a row each week. I can’t go to work with sweaty and greasy hair.

In an effort to be better to my hair and grow it out, I stopped blow drying it after every wash about six months ago. Now, I barely blow dry at all, even in the winter cold. I just let it air dry. It’s actually been a huge difference for me in texture as well as no split ends in sight. But then I thought about the hair washing, and I wondered how I could wash it less. My friend suggested that I just rinse my hair out at the gym after workouts and condition the ends. She insisted I try it just once to see if it worked. And I did. And it worked. I went two days in a row with no wash, and I wasn’t a grease ball at the end of it. I washed my hair on Saturday, then no wash on Sunday and Monday, and washed it today. It’s amazing how I was so resistant to trying this before, and I know I know it works.

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