Wedding songs

Since the engagement, I’ve been subscribing to different wedding websites and their daily/weekly updates. They’re supposed to be giving me ideas for what to do for my “big day.” While it has certainly done this, it’s also clogged my inbox full of a lot of ideas, thoughts, and sayings that really are either not helpful at all or are so obvious that I’d have to think that the majority of people who read this must be stupid to otherwise not know this stuff.

The latest “cool” email I’ve received is titled, “We’re calling the best wedding songs of 2015 now.” Why would anyone want to choose a wedding song that is supposed to be an “it” song of the year? I thought that the first dance wedding song was supposed to be a song that was special and meant something to that particular couple? If you have been together for at least two years, wouldn’t your song… be a bit older than the year you are getting married? Why would you want your wedding song to be something that is just “in” for the moment or the year? I’d hope it isn’t a reflection of your union..

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