I was thinking about Ed yesterday during all this wedding venue research, wondering how we are going to incorporate him into our day. And then last night, as though he’s been hiding from all the wedding research nonsense, he came back again in my dreams.

I enter a bright room, seemingly the room that I’d be in to get ready for my wedding day. There were large windows that allowed a lot of bright light to stream through. As I enter the room, I notice it’s a large round room with lots of people sitting and standing along the circumference, talking, getting ready, and adjusting their necklaces and ties. Ed is sitting by the doorway on a chair, and he’s adjusting the collar of his white button-down shirt. He has a tie hanging from his neck, and it looks like he’s about to put it on. He notices I am standing there looking at him, and he looks up and smiles at me.

“Hi,” he says to me.

“Hi,” I respond, not knowing what to say. I am confused because he is sitting there, alive and bright and smiling, and I was not expecting him. “You’re here…” I bend down and pull him into my chest. He doesn’t say anything and just hugs me back.

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