Korean meal

My mom insisted that we go out to dinner tonight, and she wanted to have Korean. I have a feeling that she enjoys eating Korean food and cuisines other than Chinese and Vietnamese, but she doesn’t get much opportunity to since my dad is generally not open to eating anything new or even moderately priced. Her JW friends don’t have much money (or are just cheap), so they aren’t open to trying many new things either food-wise. So when I come home, it’s my mom’s small opportunity to branch out.

During dinner tonight, I tried to remember the last time we had Korean food together in the city, and I remember that it was actually with my aunt who lives upstairs and Ed. We all had Korean barbeque at Brother’s Korean BBQ along Geary, and we all enjoyed the meal — especially Ed, but even my dad. Ed was so relieved to not have Chinese “again,” and I was just happy that my parents were eating something new to them.

There’s a lot of good food that my brother is missing out on here. Whenever I have something fried or meaty, things men typically like which are the same things Ed likes, I always think of him and wish he could have a bite… or ten.

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