Brotherly hate

My dad and his younger brother do not get along. Actually, my dad doesn’t get along with either his living brother or sister; in fact, I just found out that my uncle and aunt, despite “getting along,” haven’t even seen each other since the day of Ed’s funeral. That was over a year and a month ago. My aunt claims she is just “too busy,” and my uncle says he has tried a couple of times without any reciprocation of desire from my aunt, so he’s thrown in the towel.

We had dinner altogether tonight, but without my aunt, and Chris joined, as well as my mom’s best friend and her husband, and another JW friend. My dad and uncle barely said hello or goodbye to each other. My mom’s best friend was visibly shocked when I said that my uncle was my dad’s younger brother. Yes, she wouldn’t have realized they were siblings since they wouldn’t speak a word to each other. It’s amazing that every time my uncle sees my face that he isn’t reminded of their mutual animosity against each other.

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