Pittsburgh glimmering

I think Pittsburgh gets a bad rap. I know we’ve only spent a short weekend here, but it’s a far nicer place than anyone has ever told me about. I know three people who are from this area, and all of them have said that Pittsburgh isn’t really worth a visit. I don’t think I would travel across the world to see Pittsburgh, but I do think it’s worth a trip if you are within an hour flight or a few hours’ drive. The city’s buildings in the main part of town actually make up a gorgeous skyline that can be seen from the Duquesne Incline that we took this morning. One of the largest fountains in the United States is right at Point State Park fountain, which is along the river and at the end of the shiny new series of buildings that line the river. The river has so many bridges that go over it that I lost count. Even though it’s an urban area, it was a great getaway from New York.

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