Apartment hunting

We’re considering moving out of our apartment at the end of July when our lease ends. Our apartment is great in that it’s in a nice area, has electricity/gas at a fixed price, lots of closet space, and is in a well-maintained building, but it would be really nice to just have more space, an actual separate kitchen, and a little more natural light.

So while calling, texting, and e-mailing listings on Craigslist and Rent Hop this week, we went to view an apartment, and I quickly remembered why I hate real estate agents and the entire apartment search process in this city.

The listing originally claimed to have in-building laundry and an elevator. After visiting the building, we realized this was all a lie. The listing also said that the apartment had no fee, but the broker told us within two minutes of walking in that the fee is “just” 12.5% of annual rent. And on our walk up from our place, the broker changed the address from 92nd and 3rd to 92nd and 2nd, and finally to 93rd… but closer to 1st avenue than 2nd. Chris was angry, told them that they lied to us and said the apartment was crap, and we walked out.

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