Old apartment

On our way back from Lake Placid/Vermont today, we decided to conclude our trip with a drive to Elmhurst, my old neighborhood, to enjoy a last dinner together at Tangra Masala, one of my favorite places to eat and get takeout from when I lived in Queens, as it was a short walk from my former apartment. They are well known for their delicious and fiery-hot Chinese Indian cuisine, which pre-Tangra, I had never had before. I salivate thinking about their food when I remember it and get sad knowing it’s no longer a five-minute walk from my place now.

Since we were nearby, we drove by my old apartment so that Chris’s parents could see it. I noticed that our former third-floor balcony had lots of plants, tables, chairs, and other clutter-type things. Just from seeing it, I assumed and knew that the landlord and his wife probably extended their own second floor living space to also occupy the third. There’s no way that they could have tolerated anyone else living above them considering how quiet and easy going Crista and I were. I’m so happy that is so far in the past.

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