Boutique shops

I went to Tory Burch’s Madison Avenue location yesterday to return a hand bag I ordered during their Friends and Family Appreciation Sale that ended up being too big for me. Even though I was there for a return, the service was still extremely attentive and friendly, and the person helping me even offered me a beverage – bottled water, Coke, or Diet Coke? When I noticed a similar bag I was interested in and started playing with it, out of nowhere, another sales person discreetly puts the same bag in two other colors within my reach and gently lets me know this is the same bag I am looking at, just in their other available colors for me to see. Part of me felt weirded out by it, but the other part of me felt relieved that I didn’t feel pressured to make a decision or buy anything right away the way you do at other department stores, or even brand-specific stores like Coach. This is what it’s like to shop at a really nice boutique store. They actually want you to feel special. Sort of.

And then I thought, actually, I think I feel the most comfortable shopping online when i don’t have to be around other prissy shoppers making all of their buying decisions out loud. I love online shopping and how easy, fast, and pressure-less it is.

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