Lucky apartment

We just found out that our next door neighbors in our apartment building are moving out as soon as their lease is up in a couple of months. Their desire to move has been exacerbated by a massive mice problem they’ve been facing. Mice have been raiding all of their cabinets, even the top ones, and it’s gotten so bad that they’ve completely stopped cooking or eating at home, and just go out for food all the time. Today, the building paid these exterminator-type people $125 per apartment unit to inspect each apartment. Lucky us (for real this time), there wasn’t a single trace of mice in our apartment anywhere, even in the heaters where they usually hide.

I’m still not sure how that is even possible that the mice could hang out in their apartment, which is literally on the opposite side of our wall, but never make their way to our side. Chris and I are very anal about cleanliness and making sure all food remnants are cleaned up and raw foods sealed in air-tight containers, but even when you are the model of cleanliness in New York, rodents and roaches can still come visit.

Or maybe just by writing this post, I will curse our good luck and a mouse might decide to stop by..

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