Tonight, I went to a free Hula dance class at the Chelsea Recreation Center that was organized by a Meetup group I am in. The funny thing about this particular event is that only two Meetup group people actually came – one other girl who organized it and me. Everyone else there had just come for the free class. Several people committed to coming and did not. Others just wrote apologies on the Meetup event’s wall and said they’d make it “next time.” It’s such a typical New York thing – to be flaky, not commit, and ultimately in the end never show up.

The Meetup girl I met was actually pretty interesting. She has dual citizenship in Greece and the U.K., but was born and raised in Dubai. Now, she’s living permanently in the States. Although we seemed to have clicked and had a lot in common (amazing – I finally found someone who actually enjoys cooking – and does it regularly!), I have doubts I will see her outside of Meetup events. Everyone in this city just loves having their options open until the very last second and not committing to anything. Instead of wanting to make real friendships, people just seem to want to do what’s convenient for them in that very moment. People are impossible.

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