End of clutter

Spring is officially here, yet New York seems to have trouble understanding this since the forecasted temperature tomorrow is 35 degrees, and a snow storm is expected this Wednesday. The down coat and winter gloves and hats are not getting tucked away just yet.

Spring also tends to mean spring cleaning – in other words, clean all the crap out of your apartment and de-clutter it. I just went through our cupboard of all our bath, body, and cleaning products, and I can’t believe how much stuff we have. I’ve lost count of the number of lotion bottles I’ve accumulated, there are too many samples of lip products from Birchbox, and I have an inane number of travel-size toiletries from hotels everywhere. This is just confirmation that I need to end my Birchbox subscription, as much as I love getting a “present” in the mail once a month. I can barely keep up with my samples and still have bottles of product I haven’t even looked at since two years ago.

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