Work travel

I’m down in Atlanta for client meetings for the next two and a half days. It’s partly exciting and partly stressful. Everything was planned really last minute since we were trying to coordinate schedules while also getting finance’s approval.

Work travel, to those who don’t do it, for some reason seems very glamorous. I guess I can understand why; you generally get to stay at 4- or 5-star hotels for some ridiculous amount of money that you would never normally pay for yourself, eat indulgent (or at least, “different”) meals, and get to break out of your normal day-to-day work routine at the usual office – all at the expense of your company. It’s nice to travel for work every now and then, but I have heard of people who have left jobs that have been 90%+ travel – they’re all consultants. Their biggest complaint despite accruing lifetime platinum status at hotels and on airlines and enough miles across airlines to get free flights and hotel rooms for the next five years of their lives – they were tired of living out of suitcase and just wanted some semblance of a routine and “normal” life.

I’m happy to get out of my day-to-day routine and finally meet my clients, who I’ve been working with for three months now without ever having met them. I wonder if there will be enough time to get some Georgian barbeque and see the World of Coca-Cola?

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