First rejected, now loved

I’ve had some tension with some colleagues who sit near Bonsai Row as we call it at the office. In January, Chris sent a mini yellow rose plant to my office for my birthday. I originally placed the plant along the row of bonsai plants that get indirect light near my seat, but two guys were being territorial and didn’t want my plant near them. They claimed it was attracting fruit flies, and they didn’t want flies near them. We debated it for a while, and I finally gave in and brought it to the other side of the office. A colleague consoled me and insisted that the other side of the office got better direct sunlight, so the plant would do better there.

Well, two months later, this rose plant is flourishing! It has huge, lush green leaves that look far healthier than any did when it was first delivered, and today, three huge full blooms. It even has four buds on its way. This plant may have been rejected by my male colleagues when it first got here, but now, it gets lots of morning and afternoon light, and is even attracting visitors and gawkers. 🙂

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