Explosions uptown

So while I am at work this morning, I find out on the news that around 9:30am, two neighboring buildings in East Harlem blew up from a gas leak. Many people were injured, and by the end of the day, six people were confirmed to have died from the explosion. Metro North stopped running for hours, and all I could hear outside the window were sirens.

This is the second devastation that has happened in the last several days that has a lot of unanswered questions. The Malaysia Airlines plane is still missing, and apparently no one on this earth (who is still living, presumably) knows where the freaking plane is, and now these two buildings north from where I live have become a great big pile of ash.

One woman who died in one of these buildings had taken a much needed day off from work. She apparently never really took time off for herself. And then on this day she finally does take a one day vacation to rest at home and ends up getting killed in this freak explosion. I have no words. Life really isn’t fair.


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