Dining out on Valentine’s Day

Chris and I are not huge fans of Valentine’s Day. Neither of us gets giddy or excited when anyone mentions it. I do like doing something special for him on that day, but I don’t hype it up in my head the way most women do. I love card making. I love giving chocolate. I do not love stressing out about this overly commercialized holiday. So I don’t.

I don’t even really think about what we could eat on that day very much because I get mad at the restaurant industry when I think of all these hyper overpriced prix fixe menus just for that special night’s dinner. What usually tends to be the case (as I learned from reading Waiter Rant, a book based off of a highly successful personal blog of a man who has made a living out of waiting tables at different low and very high end restaurants over many, many years) is that restaurants, expecting couples to be willing to shell out lots of dough for their significant others (or who they hope will become their significant others soon), will create these fancy-sounding prix fixe menus and increase the price tag on them, yet will use lower quality ingredients but mask this fact by adding more cream and butter to the dishes. The average person who dines out doesn’t know much about food or food preparation, so they won’t even realize this reading the menus. I know a lot about both, and I will not tolerate giving into this nonsense.

I love eating out, but I will not do it on New Year’s Eve (unless I am traveling) or Valentine’s Day, because those are the two nights of the year when restaurants will create these special, crappy menus in an effort to rip you off. We may get delivery, or I may make us a nice meal. No eating out on Valentine’s Day.

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