Unplowed and unloved

I worked from home today since I didn’t want to deal with slipping and sliding over all the piles of snow and ice that had accumulated overnight, and it’s probably better that I did because all I could hear on NY1 was everyone on the Upper East Side complaining that De Blasio is screwing over our neighborhood by sending all the plowers to Brooklyn and Queens. As he said, we should be focused on all five boroughs as New York City, not just Manhattan. I took a quick walk outside today, and there was way more snow on the roads than I thought there would be.

Though there was more snow on the roads than I’d thought, that is relative to what I am used to having lived in this neighborhood for almost two years now. When I lived in Queens, there would be streets after streets in Elmhurst that would go un-plowed for days. My roommate once took a photo of herself digging herself out of the snow that had accumulated around the Grand Ave subway entrance, preventing her from easily walking out. She had to literally dig and climb her way out! People on the Upper East Side need to stop complaining because they don’t even know the definition of “ignored” or “untended to” until they have lived in my old neighborhood. Poor Queens. When you have always had privilege, I suppose you think you are just entitled to it no matter what the situation and take it for granted.

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