95 degrees in New York

One thing I do not miss at all about San Francisco is the constant overcast and fog. There is nothing uplifting about waking up and looking outside the window to see… nothing – just the bright grey color and the realization that no, there will be no blue skies today. Although I am not a fan of humidity, it’s so refreshing to know that during my New York summers, I can prance the streets wearing shorts and skirts and dresses and not have to worry about carrying a sweater with me. My hair gets frizzy and my face occasionally feels like an oil spill, but it’s all worth it in the end to feel that warmth on my skin.

One thought on “95 degrees in New York

  1. Wow. I thought most native San Franciscans (such as myself) were heat wimps! We wilt here at 80, can’t even imagine San Francisco at 95. Of course, we don’t have any air conditioning in most places for obvious reasons.

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