Southern food inundation

We are spending the long weekend in Charleston and Savannah. As usual for our trips, I create two lists – one for things to do, and another for things to eat. Southern food must-eat lists usually contain these things: 1)¬†barbecue¬†(of that particular region’s speciality), 2) fried chicken, and 3) pretty much anything else that is fried. It’s only been one day, and we’ve already gotten through several items on the to-eat list: shrimp and grits, she-crab soup, and barbecue with fried green tomatoes. I already feel stuffed and as though I have had my Southern food fix, but we still have three days left. Maybe I have reached that point in life where eating heavy food repeatedly, even when on vacation, can seem overwhelming. I guess I just can’t keep up with the Southern diet…

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