Girl Code indulgences

Occasionally on the weekends, we’ll have Girl Code)¬†on TV as background noise. As embarrassed as I am to admit it, I actually find it entertaining, especially when I hear some of the things that girls admit to. One of the most “laugh-out-loud” things that I heard was when one girl said that you probably hate 90% of your girlfriends and complain about all of them, and then you say you want more girlfriends, but that’s really so that you can complain about new girlfriends and less about the old ones. It really is true, though; even though I might be seeking new girlfriends at this point in my life, the truth is that all the new ones will probably drive me crazy in some way because anyone I would be interested in being friends with would have something outrageous about her, and while I might love it, I will also love to hate on it. It’s why we as women have love-hate relationships with the women in our lives. We love hating whether we admit it or not.

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