Staying fit and extreme discipline

In about two months of intense workouts (90-minute workouts four times a week) early in the morning, I’ve managed to lose eight pounds without fully being aware of it. I stepped on a scale two days ago and realized I lost weight; my lower back has lost fat, my arms, legs, and stomach are more tone, and my pants are looser at the waist. I’m not quite at my goal because I am working on body sculpting (that’s my vain side), but knowing that I am 90% there after just two months makes me have faith that waking up before 6am and doing morning workouts really does work; you never have an excuse to make about not going, and your metabolism has sped up after working your body hard so early in the day, so you burn even more calories. I’m a complete advocate for morning workouts now and would recommend this to anyone. Haul yourself out of bed in the morning, stop whining, and just run with it. 🙂

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