Food fair markets in New York are overpriced

Last night, I went to the Madison Square Eats market that will be going on from now through end of the summer. I bought a $9 Roberta’s pizza, an $8 soju cocktail, a $4 pork belly bun from Hong Kong Street Food, and a $2.50 cannoli from Stuffed Cannoli. I shared some of this with friends, so for food I did not finish just by myself, I paid $23.50. I felt hungry later that night. Chris went to a Turkish restaurant for dinner in Coney Island, and for a massive table of beautiful meats, breads, and vegetables, overflowing alcohol, dessert, and Turkish coffee, including tax and tip, he paid $30. And there was a lot leftover. I feel ripped off and refuse to go to another food market in New York again to get a meal.

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