Tiny teacher Kaia

With each passing day, Pookster’s vocabulary grows, and so does her sentence structure. She’s moved from one word verbs to multiple word sentences now depending on her mood. And apparently, her teachers have told me that she is quite the little boss/teacher in class. When it’s time for circle time, snack or meal time, or nap time, Kaia is the first to start ordering everyone to “sit down, Georgina!” or “lie down, Loic!” or “clap your hands, Kiara!” When a new kid has been introduced to the class, she is also one of the first to welcome them and get them acquainted, whether that’s by showing them the classroom toys or even holding their hand.

“Yep, that’s our Kaia: the tiny teacher Kaia!” one of the assistant teachers told me earlier this week. “She has to make sure everyone does what they’re supposed to be doing when they’re supposed to be doing it, otherwise she will go around and make sure they do it!”

Kaia is so verbal and friendly that it’s obvious all the teachers have taken a strong liking to her. This assistant teacher said she would be really sad once Kaia moves up into the 2s classroom, as she couldn’t make it a secret that Kaia was her favorite.

It’s been really sweet to see my sweet Pookster develop into this gregarious little leader. And she’s not even two years old yet! Who knows what she will be like next year!

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