Identifying one’s belongings

When I went to pick up Pookster from school yesterday, when she saw me through the door window, she immediately came running and gave me a hug. I always love it when she does this and was pretty bummed out the previous two days when she basically just stared at me and continued playing with her toys. I noticed that there was a new boy in the class, and I said hi to him and asked what his name was. When I asked the question, instead of the boy responding, Kaia responded, “Kaia!”

“Pooks! I exclaimed. “I KNOW your name! I was asking about your classmate’s name here!”

The teacher laughed. “Kaia always makes sure everyone knows her name and what belongs to her. She makes a point of it to every single person who comes in!”

She really does do this, and it’s absolutely hilarious and endearing. She loves to tell us at home when food is hers, or when she has her own book or cup. At bedtime, she loves to point at the big blanket and say “mummy blanket,” and insist, insist that I put it on myself after I put her blanket on top of her. She will NOT let me continue reading unless both of us have our blankets on us; Kaia cannot be the only person with a blanket on her!

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