When everything drags because you’re sick

The last eight days have felt very long. Being sick, especially so sick that you can’t even do everyday things, is truly the worst. It feels like you are non-functional and cannot get anything done. While at this point, I can do things like work emails, the occasional call, and everyday household tasks, it’s like I am just waiting for my next coughing fit to happen. And when it does happen, who knows how long it will last and how exhausted I will be after. The act of coughing really wears on your body. It literally shakes your entire body inside out. And when all this mucus comes out, it’s not only exhausting but disgustingly unpleasant. I am still waiting to see the light at the end when I finally feel better and like I’m not waiting for yet another coughing fit, but I’m not sure when that will be at this point. Everything just feels like it’s dragging, and I have no motivation to do anything.

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