When the in-laws see us off… from our own apartment

Thanks to a stubborn dad and even more stubborn son, our travel to Kerala and Sri Lanka is actually starting while Chris’s parents are still here. Chris had told his dad not to book certain dates that could interfere with our summer travel; his dad was insistent on getting specific dates for their frequent flyer/round the world flight bookings, and so while we are leaving for Kerala tonight, Chris’s parents will be spending two more nights in our apartment until they leave on Wednesday morning for Melbourne, connecting in Dallas. What a strange idea to think of my in-laws seeing us off… from our own home.

So we gave them instructions in terms of things they had to finish eating (two mangoes, two avocados, cherries, grapes), and how to take out the trash and recyclables before they leave. What we also wonder is: what will they do in New York while Chris isn’t here to drag them from point A to point B, being their de facto tour guide and control freak son?

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