Kaia’s kimchi eating impresses the Korean waitress

Yesterday night at Korean BBQ, Kaia really stole the heart of the server who was helping us with our barbecue. Not only did she impress her by being able to eat kimchi (“SHE KNOWS HOW TO EAT KIMCHI?” the server asked me, astonished. “Yeah,” I responded. “I’ve been giving it to her since she was about 8 months old.” She then proceeded to tell one of the other wait staff this, who also murmured with amazement back), but she also impressed her with her vocabulary (being able to say “meat” and “beef!”), as well as blowing kisses. When Kaia finally got loose after she was “all done” with dinner, she started wandering around the restaurant, and each time she got close to our server, she’d demand a hug, which of course was given by our server, who clearly was obsessed with our demanding little toddler.

I wonder what the maximum age is when a little kid’s cuteness can no longer be the show stopper that Kaia is now. Everywhere we go, people stop us and oogle over what a little doll she is. And once she starts blowing kisses… it’s almost like everyone just wants to take her home with them.

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