Kaia’s growing hair

In the last couple of months, Kaia’s hair has gotten noticeably longer to the point where I can’t just part it out of her face with the usual side part. I have to either clip it back or tie it up. While she easily tolerated hair clips from around seven months through 12 months, since we’ve come back from the Southern Hemisphere, she will not wear them at all. She will insist on pulling them out, throwing them, and chewing on them. And of course, this gives our nanny anxiety because she knows that I will be checking at the end of each day to see if any hair clips are missing (they were quite pricey for what they are, given they were handmade and meant specifically for fine baby/toddler hair). So because of this, she just won’t take them out of the apartment. 😀

So I started rummaging through my random hair accessories, including complimentary things I’d been collecting from different hotel stays, and I actually did find a couple of baby-sized hair ties that would be appropriate for her hair length and texture. I started tying her hair up, and for the most part, she’s accepted this. After a rough few days of not understanding why I had to comb and tie her hair up, now, Kaia patiently sits there each morning as I comb and style her hair. This morning, I tied her hair up in two little pony tails. The nanny said that some of her “friends” at the library, including a boy of a similar age who lives in our building, saw her, and then proceeded to attempt pulling her ponytails.

“That was inevitable,” my nanny said, rolled her eyes. “Boys always want to pull girls’ hair!”

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