Our baby loves her nanny

A year ago, on Good Friday 2022, our current nanny did her trial day with us. Back then, my little Pookster was just over four months old, responsive and bubbly, with chunky cheeks and stubby little hands that were always trying to grab everything. It’s amazing what transpires in a year and how much my little baby grew and evolved. Now, she’s walking (well, while pushing her walker) and trying to get those hands, no longer stubby, into all our drawers and cabinets. Her curiosity knows no bounds, as she’s curious not just with people and places, but also with new foods, which, fingers crossed, we hope continues. She’s saying endless words now, and even repeating things that well, perhaps she should not be saying. Her dad keeps applauding her for the 100th time that she’s proudly exclaimed, “Oh, shit!”

Kaia loves spending time with her nanny. Our nanny makes her smile and giggle, and every morning she comes in, I know Kaia is excited to see her just from the big grin on her face and how her eyes light up. I am grateful we found a nanny who has not only been reliable and trustworthy, but also genuinely loves and cares for our daughter. Not every family is as lucky in the nanny/caregiver world as we have been. Almost every week in local parenting groups on social media, I see parents posting about the nanny that accepted an offer but never showed up on the first day; a nanny who suddenly gave her notice but didn’t come back to finish her final weeks as promised; a nanny who steals the most random things from the parents’ home (the dumbest thing I read was the nanny who stole some expensive sponges… wow). I shudder every time I read these. Our nanny is part of the mini-village we have created, in a world where the “village” doesn’t really exist much anymore. It’s been sweet to watch the relationship between our nanny and Pookster grow. We have definitely gotten lucky with our nanny.

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