Always with her walker

In just the last two days, Kaia has gone from walking hesitantly with us guiding her to wanting to walk with her walker literally everywhere. On Thursday, when she was in another kid’s play room, every time she saw a walker, she would charge over and take over it, walking everywhere she could. All she seems to want to do now is walk back and forth with it in our apartment. And while she struggled and didn’t quite know how to turn with it, once she figured it out within a day of us showing her how to turn, she started getting the hang of it. Now, she’s turning pretty effortlessly and walking faster and faster. I wonder when she’s actually going to let go of the walker completely and just run!

It’s been very gratifying to see her development every day, but it’s always so cute when the development seems to come in these huge bursts, seemingly overnight. She’s eager to take over this entire apartment, so it will be interesting to see her once she’s confident enough to let go and actually take her first independent steps, fully on her own.

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