The travel obsessed dad-in-law

Every time we are traveling to and from Melbourne, one of the things I secretly look forward to is Chris’s dad tracking our flight. And when I say “tracking our flight,” I do not just mean tracking the flight path and ensuring on time arrivals, etc. I mean, tracking our journey literally door to door: checking in with us at the approximate time he thinks we’d be leaving to head to the airport; asking about the lounge experience at JFK; asking about boarding/luggage/the related at check-in; inquiring about the in-flight experience from JFK to LAX. Then, he will text us via Whatsapp to ask how it all went, how connecting at Tom Bradley went. He will ask about what we ate in flight, what we might be nibbling and sipping at the Qantas First Lounge at Tom Bradley Terminal. He’ll check the exact flight and plane we’re on via ExpertFlyer and see how many empty seats there are, if any, and give commentary on whether it will be cramped or spacious. He’ll even make commentary about the direction in which we’re walking at the airport and whether it’s pleasant, circuitous, long, etc. Chris and his brother think this commentary is excessive, and in my head, I can see Chris’s brother roll his eyes and scroll pass his dad’s messages regarding this, but I absolutely love it. I love seeing these messages because his passion really comes out, and I love watching people be passionate and in their own skin, doing what they love. It’s so cute and endearing. Plus, it’s also a sign of how much Chris’s dad loves: he loves witnessing from afar the long and exciting journey his eldest son, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter are taking to come home to Oz to visit him.

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