The biggest downsides of working from home

I’ve been working from home for about 2.5 years now, which I never thought I would do. Initially, I was forced into it because of the global pandemic, but then I took a job with a company that wants me to be fully remote given there’s no New York office, and I figured… how bad could it be since I had no idea when the pandemic would end? Well, now I’m 2+ years into that job with no New York office in sight. And while it’s been fine because I’m happier pumping milk and prepping my baby’s meals while at home, this isn’t going to last forever.

The biggest downside, especially for someone like me, is the lack of camaraderie and socializing; setting up Zoom hangouts and 1:1 social chats just is not the same as being in the office or going to happy hours. The second biggest downside, and one that may even tie for the first one I noted, is that I’m nowhere as active. I don’t get as many steps in during the day. Even with daily morning gym workouts, there is not as much walking throughout the entire day without a commute. I’m sitting a lot more and walking around my own apartment, but you never get as many steps in that way. When I used to be in an office, I’d easily get 15K-20K steps in every single day. I highly doubt I even get half of that now, even when I do longer runs or time on the elliptical. I need to be a lot more intentional about getting out of the apartment just for the walk and the fresh air.

I can’t complain, though. I’m lucky to have the privilege and flexibility of working from home. I have a lot to be thankful for. I just need to be more intentional about increasing my activity level.

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