Baby clothes

I have friends who went crazy when they had babies, especially girls, buying them the most expensive and ridiculously adorable outfits, just to be worn once or twice and then immediately outgrown and put away/given away/donated. I didn’t really want to be THAT mom and be that wasteful, even though I obviously did want my baby to look cute. We’ve been super fortunate and lucky in that we’ve had so many friends and family give Kaia endless clothing. The majority of these clothes were for 0-9 months, the last of which she’s finally wearing now, and most of which she’s already outgrown and I’ve bagged up for storage. I hate to say this, but pretty much all the clothes that were gifted to her via our baby registry I had to end up returning because she was gifted so many cute and fitting things outside of the registry. So when the weather starting changing this last month, the nanny commented to me that I needed to start getting Kaia clothes to match the season. So Chris picked out a few outerwear pieces, and I purchased some warmer, autumn/winter pieces for her today.

“Big spender!” Chris commented, when he saw the clothing transaction in our Mint account listed.

Well, not really. In her first 9 months of life, I think I purchased a total of six onesies for her… and mostly from Old Navy during a sale. So in other words, I was being el cheapo mom. I also got a few more for her 9-12 month period that she’s finally wearing now, but it’s not really enough. We had some thoughtful friends who purchased clothes for her in the 12-24 month range, as they had kids themselves and said they were gifted WAY too many newborn and 0-3 month clothes, and figured the same would happen to us.

I told the nanny that I made a small purchase of new clothes for Kaia, and that Chris called me a big spender. She laughed.

“Chris better get used to it!” the nanny exclaimed. “Babies need clothes, and baby clothes don’t come cheap, especially girl clothes!”

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