When your parents fight over photos and videos of their grandchild

Texting my parents is not something that is particularly fun. Since they got smartphones, all the “texting” that happens is pretty one-sided, as in, I text them photos and video links for the baby, and they receive them and rarely acknowledge anything. I don’t mind this, but it’s not a “text conversation” in the way that people typically expect texting to work.

I was on the phone with my mom today, and she said that the two of them fight over the phone when there’s a photo or video of Kaia. “We fight!” she said gleefully. “Sometimes you send just to Daddy or to me, and then he’ll ask why he wasn’t sent the video directly. Then, we fight to see who can watch the video first!”

My mom expressed how much my dad loves Kaia. Well, isn’t that cute? My dad actually is capable of affection and love! My dad never hugged, kissed, or praised Ed or me growing up, yet now, all he can do is praise Kaia for her development and cuteness and tell my mom how much he loves her. It’s amazing how people change as grandparents versus as parents, isn’t it?

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