Baby’s bedroom vs. Mommy’s office: who wins?

Our nanny has been giving me the side eye the last few days. In the morning when the baby takes her nap, assuming I have no early morning meetings, she’s allowed to sleep in her crib, which is in the second bedroom, which is half her bedroom, half my office space. In the afternoons, though, she usually has to sleep in her lounger in the living room because I almost always have meetings mid-afternoon. The nanny is super unhappy about this because the baby is slowly but surely outgrowing the lounger, which we now have to place on the floor because the baby is rolling now.

“Yvonne,” the nanny says in her taunting voice. “Kaia has to sleep in her crib. You can’t keep having her sleep in the lounger. She just doesn’t sleep well in it anymore. She’s getting too big for it and needs a consistent sleep space.”

Well, what am I supposed to do? I have to work, and I don’t have a third room to work in. Plus, I’m old now: I can’t just work on my laptop anymore given my cubital tunnel syndrome and my wrist/finger issues. I need my second monitor, vertical mouse, and ergonomic keyboard. I can feel the difference in my hands when I use my laptop for typing straight now, plus the touch pad on the Macbook air really kills my fingers and inevitably makes me feel miserable the next day if I use it too long.

The other option is to get a pack’n’play that’s relatively compact and put it in our bedroom. I’m not really sure what to do.

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