When your uncle has hip surgery and your parents don’t want to acknowledge it or visit him

A couple months ago, my uncle had a complete hip replacement. He knew it was coming up, and so he prepped his home to get ready for his limited mobility. He arranged for my cousin to bring him to the hospital, a neighbor friend to pick him up and stay with him the first night, and for most foods to be extremely simple and easy to prepare so that he’d stay well nourished. Our whole family has known that he would have this major surgery, but my parents only knew because my cousin and aunt told them. They never acknowledged to my uncle that they knew about it, and they never talked to him about it, nor did they ever offer to come visit him, bring him food, even drop off something nice for him. It sounded pretty petty and sad, especially since about eight years ago, not only did my uncle visit my dad in the hospital after his bypass surgery, but he also came to the house to visit him and dropped off a few things that would make his life a little easier during his recovery. Given the lifelong feuds between them, my uncle never had to do any of those things, but he was at least trying to be the bigger person.

I thought about all this stupid sibling feuding today because my aunt sent me a video of visiting my uncle at his home. My cousin and his wife went to visit, too. And I thought to myself, why can’t my parents just for once, try to be decent people and not live a “quid pro quo” life, and just do the right thing? In this case, if they actually visited him, it WOULD be quid pro quo because he actually visited my dad twice after his surgery! In my parents’ eyes, they are eternally perfect and can do no wrong; everyone else has wronged them. They are always the victims. It really doesn’t make any sense.

Another reason I was thinking about this was because since Kaia’s birth, I’ve thought a lot more about my reason for being and in general, my own mortality. And holding grudges and just having a negative outlook on life, especially in the latter half of your life, are just so draining. I wonder if they ever wonder why they are so miserable and seem to have no where to go, figuratively. I wonder if they ever think about how they could improve their lives with the means that they have, or if they just accept it as though “that’s just life.”

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