What goes in… must come out

It’s been about 16 days of introducing Kaia to solid foods now. It’s been both exciting and scary to introduce her to regular food. I obviously want her to have a very varied and diverse palate, but at the same time, I am cognizant in the back of my mind of how prevalent food allergies are today, not to mention the potential choking risks, and so I’ve tried my best to be calm and not overly aggressive in the baby-led weaning process. So far, it seems like her favorites include peanut butter, oats, and broccoli. She’s really enjoyed the pineapple this week, as well.

Well, what goes in… must come out. As I’ve read, it’s never quite clear how much she’s really eaten. It’s easier to track with purees than with the baby led weaning process of whole foods. But… If there were any doubts as to what she was actually consuming versus just playing with and sucking, they all dissipated when I changed her poop diaper last night. As soon as I opened the diaper, not only did I notice that her bowel movement is a lot more solid and less loose, but also… the smell. Oh my goodness, the smell! It smelled like an actual adult poop! She’s genuinely getting her solids in! On top of that, she had many, many farts in the lead up to her diaper change, and I can say, without a doubt… there was NO surprise she ate asparagus earlier in the day. There were a lot of stinky farts that had a tinge of asparagus odor to them!

“Once they start solids, the diaper changes will be changed forever!” my friend warned me. “You thought breast milk or formula poop smelled? That was nothing compared to solids poop! It’s basically like OUR poop now!”

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