Rolly Poley baby

When reading baby developmental guides, they often say that somewhere around the 6-month mark, babies start rolling over — from their tummies to their back and vice versa. With Kaia’s 6-month check-up coming this Friday, I was hoping that she’d roll over intentionally before that appointment… just so I could have the pride of saying, yes, my kid *is* rolling over by six months. She had rolled over a number of times from her back to her belly and vice versa in the last two weeks, but I wasn’t 100 percent sure if they were intentional movements or just accidents because they happened only a handful of times. Our nanny said that she was almost there last week, but not quite. She anticipated she’d be rolling over comfortably and repeatedly this week.

Well, today, my baby officially became a rolly poley. She rolled three times from her back to her stomach with the nanny, and after the nanny left for the day, she was rolling almost non-stop with me all evening. I lost count of the number of times she rolled from her back to her tummy. I couldn’t believe how proud I felt; I was like one of those annoying, gushy moms who squeals in delight at every little thing their child does. But hey, this isn’t a little thing for babies… Rolling over is considered a huge milestone because it means that the baby has been doing enough tummy time to build core strength, which then lends itself to performing movements like rolling over, sitting, and eventually crawling and walking.

Then, while I felt both pride and joy at seeing my baby doing this over and over, a part of me got a little sad. Why is she growing so freaking fast? I cannot believe she’s turning six months old this Friday. Time just flies by way too quickly. Before I know it, she will be crawling, then walking, and she won’t need me to carry her anymore. I just want to relish each second with her as my little baby.

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