Morning neediness

Each morning for the last couple of weeks since we’ve been stretching Kaia’s sleep, I’ve began the morning with my usual oatmeal and tea, and Chris will prop Kaia up in her Baby Bjorn chair. I will sit with her, talk to her, sing songs to her, makes faces to her, and “exercise” with her by moving around her arms and legs. I will do this all while connected to my pump for my daily morning power pump, when I’m essentially connected to my breast pump on and off for about an hour and fifteen minutes. She’s always been very alert during this time and very much seemed to absorb all the interactions, closely studying my facial expressions and movements. I’ve really enjoyed this time, especially since she is full, so she doesn’t usually need more food, and I can enjoy time with her while also simultaneously pumping milk for her. So it’s kind of like a two-in-one benefit time.

However, I’ve noticed that as she’s gotten older, she’s gotten a bit needier. Most of the time, she’s fine to babble to herself and wiggle around on her lounger on her own, but while in the chair during these mornings, the minute I leave to go double boil my chai, reheat my tea, or go to the bathroom, she will start yelling out or wailing. Sometimes, even when I break my eye contact with her and look down at my breasts to do breast compressions while pumping, she will even scream at me! I feel sad when she does this because I know she wants the interaction and attention, but at the same time… Mama has got to get shit done and cannot always be attentive with her every second!

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