Baby development

What they say is true: your baby’s “firsts”are always extremely exciting and heartwarming. Our baby is quickly approaching two months old, and it is amazing to think how time has flown since I gave birth to her. Her latest developments, other than being able to turn her head both ways, whether facing up or on her tummy, are being able to smile a little bit and mimic what we do. She absolutely hates tummy time and refuses to lift her head much, but she is able to turn her head both ways, which is promising. However, despite the fact that she does not like to lift her head during tummy time, she is more than happy to do it while getting barbed. I think that is a sign of her early stubbornness…  That she has likely gotten from her father. I am quickly approaching two months of leave, which reminds me that I only have about two months left. It breaks my heart a little bit to know that I’m not going to be able to spend all day watching all of her little expressions and developments at every moment, but this is the life of motherhood: always feeling torn that you are not always, always there for your child at every moment. I do not want to be a helicopter mom, but I do want to be able to revel in the joys of my baby’s development at every stage.  Even though she is literally making baby steps now in her development, I am truly loving every moment.

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