Magic pills, magic cure

I was chatting with my friend who had a baby late last year about the poor milk transfer situation and ultimately my below average milk supply. I told her that I was purchasing new flanges that would hopefully increase my output and looking to do more power pumping. She asked me if I had looked into Legendairy Milk supplements. I told her that I had taken mother’s love tincture, which had fenugreek in it. But other than that, I had taken no supplements. Oatmeal and flaxseed do not count.

She strongly encouraged me to look into these supplements with funny names like liquid gold, pumping princess, and cash cow, as they were very popular and depending on the combination of herbs, could help me increase my milk supply. I felt skeptical about this, particularly because I had already taken that stupid mother’s love tincture supplement that the LC from the pediatrician’s office had recommended and had failed… The only thing that had resulted in was me being out of $35. But I still felt tempted, particularly because I had read the positive reviews for a lot of these supplements, and people really did say that it worked for them. And at this point, I did feel desperate: I wanted magic or some automatic thing to increase my milk supply to satiate my baby. I wanted an immediate fix. I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do. I didn’t know if these new flanges would actually help me. Who knows if power pumping would be successful for me, or how much more they could increase my milk supply. So, what was wrong with spending a little bit of extra money on these supplements to try them out?

Chris balked at this idea and said it would be stupid for me to buy them. He said that it was easy to just try everything out there, but then I would be a fool just believing in random gimmicks that people throw at me. And yeah, he was probably right. But I was still tempted. I just wanted to know that I was doing everything possible to try to help my baby more. There is not necessarily anything wrong with that, but it probably was best to stick with things it actually made sense and had some real data behind it, which in this case, is the flange change and also power pumping, as that is actually creating the demand that then dictates my supply.

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