Snot sucking

One of the joys of becoming a parent is having the absolute pleasure of sucking snot out of your baby’s nose. In today’s modern age, there are tools that have been built to make this process very simple and easy. But, if you do not have a snot sucker from a mainstream brand like Frida Baby, you can certainly create a makeshift snot sucker by using a straw that is skinny enough. Just make sure that the diameter of the straw will fit your baby’s tiny little nostrils, otherwise it may not work as well, or it may irritate your baby’s delicate nose.

While holding my baby this morning and admiring her beautiful and cute little face, I suddenly noticed that she had a booger stuck in one of her nostrils. And I remembered that we had a snot sucker that was part of a baby care kit that we received as a gift from our baby registry.

 So of course, I got excited to use one of the little baby tools that we were gifted, and I immediately pulled it out. I put the different pieces together, and I laid my baby down on a mat on our bed and proceeded to suck the snot out of her nose with my mouth. Initially, she did not seem to mind. She kind of just closed her eyes and grimaced a little. But gradually, she realized that this was uncomfortable, and she started pulling away and moving her face from me, and also started crying a little. Luckily, the booger was closer to the front of her nostril, so it did not take too much time to dislodge. And, I am not going to lie: I got a bit of satisfaction in doing this, knowing that I was clearing the nasal passages of my baby and making it easier for her to breathe. I am her mother, and I was taking care of her. I was accomplishing a parental duty.

Chris kind of rolled his eyes at me and laughed, saying that I am “always picking,” so of course, I would enjoy doing such an activity on our child. That is just some thing that you would like doing, he said. And well, I guess it is true: I enjoy knowing that I am helping our baby be more comfortable and snot free. I also enjoy seeing my work completed… As in, the snot removed from her nose and now visibly in the tube. I mean, what mother would not want this?

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