Favorite time of the day

It’s day five of family leave for me, and as hard as it’s been coping with little sleep, I have never felt happier or more fulfilled. My favorite time of day is when it’s the three of us in bed in the mid morning, after Chris and I have both showered and we’re sitting up with baby Kaia, with her doing skin to skin on one of our chests. I keep looking at her and looking at her lying on top of Chris’s chest, and I just still cannot believe she is here with us and that I’m no longer pregnant. These moments make me so happy; I’ve even cried just standing there, admiring our little family in bed together. She seems to be a morning person, as she seems the most awake and interactive in the mornings despite being a newborn. I could probably spend all day just staring at her and breastfeeding her and be totally content, despite the fact that I have postpartum pain and am totally sleep deprived. Nothing is better than admiring our new little family to me right now.

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