When the gifts flood in

Since we let family and friends know of Kaia’s birth, the number of gifts that have been delivered, not to mention the cash gifts that have been sent, have been completely unprecedented. Neither of us is used to getting this many gifts, and it was obvious how much excitement was around this baby’s birth given the number of package notifications we kept receiving from the building. She has had endless clothes, blankets, bathing sets, stuffed animals, and children’s books sent her way, some of which were even personalized. And some very thoughtful gift givers even gave gifts for us new parents, including cupcakes, cake, champagne, and cheese. While I was initially worried that she didn’t have enough 0-3 month clothes, now, I clearly no longer need to worry about that because endless tiny onesies and 0-3 month outfits were sent to the point where now, I don’t even think we’ll be able to have her wear all of them, especially the ones that are more meant for summer time (courtesy of her Aussie family in the Southern hemisphere, where it is currently summer).

Since she was low birth weight given her gestational age, she can’t even fit the 0-3 month clothes yet, and the two newborn Christmas onesies I got her are even a bit too small, which made me feel a bit sad. She is so unbelievably cute, but because of her size, she seems so fragile to me. I want her to fatten up and gain weight ASAP so that she can at least fit some of her clothes. I have no idea if she is gaining weight right now, but it’s normal for her to lose weight (up to 10%) immediately post birth. She needs to regain that weight by 2 weeks, though, so that’s our goal now.

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